Yes8sg is all set to celebrate Christmas with their customers

This legal online casino Singapore is giving a surprise to their customers with their giveaway campaign

Singapore: December 2019, Christmas is going to bring double joy to the customers of Yes8sg this year. The end of the year is going to be memorable for everyone who is linked to yes8sg. This best online casino is going to set a giveaway campaign for its customers. There will be jersey distribution from the casino operator to all those who will win that day.

However, they have decided to set the winners among the paid members. Only these are said to be qualified members. Moreover, to make the event only one of its kinds Yes8sg is including three new ambassadors. These ambassadors have admired the faces of Singapore. They will not only join the event but will also host the event. Also, these ambassadors are KOLs who will further broadcast this surprise to worldwide customers of Yes8sg.

The key highlights of the event:

  • Three female ambassadors will be the highlight of the event
  • Wenxian Huan, Sabee Chin, and Tze Qian are the KOLs
  • A reference ID will be given to the KOLs
  • The online gambling casino, yes8sg has decided to give Chelsea jersey on this occasion
  • The winners will be selected randomly
  • Only qualified members will be able to participate

This is not the first time Yes8sg has come up with the unique idea of celebration on Christmas Eve. But this time the joy will be multi-fold among the customers. Chelsea is a famous football club worldwide. Getting their jersey will be a true surprise to their fans. It is expected to set a large number of customer base through this giveaway campaign.

The leading online casino Singapore has decided to hold the campaign on Christmas night with the expectations of increasing their customers and showing their affection as well. Further, this event will be a sharing ground for Chelsea fans and Yes8sg customers for the first time. All old and new partners and members of Yes8sg will be joining the campaign.

Global customers can become part of social media channels. The KOLs will share a video post on their Instagram related to the event’s highlights and information. They will cover all the basics of the event from the starting to the end. Moreover, they will announce the lucky winners both on the official platform of Yes8sg and on social media platforms as well. Therefore, winners will get huge coverage as well. Also, they will get a jersey of the Chelsea football club.

Through this campaign or event, yes8sg is showing their bonds with Chelsea football club and other sponsors. These sponsors will make this event happening with their efforts. It is a perfect platform for Yes8sg to thanks all their partners and customers to show loyalty and trust towards them.

Overall, the event will bring benefits to everyone.

  • KOLs will have a further boost in their followers
  • Customers will get rewards in the form of the jersey from their favorite football players
  • Yes8sg will get new customers and partners after the event
  • Global coverage of the event which will further make the casino popular worldwide

The event will start sharp at the decided time. The grand starting of the giveaway campaign will be covered immediately by the KOLs. Customers will get all the live telecast of the event on various social media channels.

The fun at yes8sg never stops and this live event will be a truly joyful campaign. With the cleverly engineered games and remarkable, reliable, trustful services yes8sg has won the trust of its customers. It is a growing community in the world of online gambling casinos. By hosting such a giveaway campaign they are celebrating their years of reliable services and a huge customer base. A rewarding night is a most-awaited night for all the customers of yes8sg. Such campaigns are not only designed for one way benefit but everyone else will be rewarded in some or other forms.

The trusted online casino will further see a boost in their growth. On the other hand, Chelsea will see more fans supporting them and joining them. The casino has decided to select winners in a unique way. And offer jerseys to them through a referrer. Referrers are none other than key opinion leaders who are also the ambassadors for the event. Their popularity and followers are the reason behind they have been chosen as the ambassadors. Yes8sg is always dealing with leaders like Chelsea football club. And this event will be a worth waiting campaign for everyone.

Published by Phạm Đức Huy

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