FirstWinn And Liverpool FC Are About To Share A Bond

A leading mobile casino operator Singapore, FirstWinn is now a partner of Liverpool FC

Singapore: December 2019, FirstWinn -The Best Casino Operator of Asia 2019 is about to start a giveaway campaign where they will announce their partnership with Liverpool Football Club. Upon the announcement, they will state the world about their official partnership. The official news will be on the air when the whole world will be celebrating Christmas.

It is going to be a special Christmas Eve and beginning of full of excitement 2020 year for both parties. The key opinion leaders of the campaign will be Miko, Joey, Stella. These gorgeous KOLs make the news on air.

The highlights of the event will be:

  • Announcement of an official partnership of FirstWinn and Liverpool Football Club
  • The giveaway of Liverpool logo T-shirt among the fans throughout the campaign
  • Miko, Joey, Stella will also be one of the key highlights of the event

Partnership of these two infamous parties will be a start of a new journey. Singaporeans and Malaysians love watching football and betting. With the legal online casino platform, they were able to enjoy their betting games. But now they will be able to meet their favorite players from the most famous sports i.e. football.

Liverpool Football Club has earned huge popularity all over the world. And firstwinn is also a popular casino with the title of the best casino operator. Seeing these two parties joining hands will be beneficial for everyone who is associated with betting and football.

It will open the doors for many of the fans and sponsors. Even Liverpool players will get a chance to enter the world of betting. Apart from this, trusted online casino Singapore, FirstWinn, will get exposure to the partners of Liverpool FC. Their huge popularity and fame are going to be shared which will, no doubt, enhance the complete experience of FirstWinn casino lovers.

The partners have chosen the perfect date for announcing their new beginning. The New Year will be a new beginning which they will do through their giveaway campaigns. And choosing these infamous key opinion leaders they are making it truly amazing.

Both parties are expecting many new things from each other. Their decision is going to give fruits from the New Year. The huge fan following of football club is surely not going to miss the chances of betting first-time on the best online casino of Malaysia and Singapore.

FirstWinn has a lot of surprises for its fans and this giveaway campaign is just a beginning. By offering T-shirts with the official logo of Liverpool FC is the best gift for their customers. Just like, T-shirts they have many more things. Everything will be on air after the beginning of the campaign. The excitement of FirstWinn customers is going to exaggerate once they know that Liverpool FC is going to be their partner. This will further exaggerate their excitement of playing at a legal online casino. Now they will be able to take all the advantages that only Liverpool fans were getting.

However, there is no such official tweet about the exact date on their twitter page. But the month is confirmed and they are going to release a campaign in December 2019. Probably, the duration is near the 31st of December. The end of this year is going to full of excitement and surprises for the loyal customers of FirstWinn across the globe.

In short, the New Year is going to be a brand new beginning.

About the company FirstWinn: this is a legal online casino Singapore that also runs in Malaysia. They have an online platform where the customers can try their hands on casino games. Almost all infamous games from different categories such as sportsbook, lottery, and slot games are offered by them. Lottery games are very popular among Singaporeans. The casino started in the year 2007. Within a few years, it has earned huge trust among its customers through its services.

Their partnership with the club itself shows how popular they are. FirstWinn has a starter package for customers with unlimited rewards. Free credits are also an attraction among the players. Safe withdrawal facilities using online transfer, CDM, MEPs, and Neteller show their security arrangements. Therefore, they are trustful, legal, credible, and no doubt reliable as well.

Their mark of reliability and credibility is the reason behind Liverpool Football Club has shown interest in them. Their partnership will definitely do magic for fans from both sides.


Published by Lương Xuân Trường

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