Celebrate the Chinese New Year with No.1 online casino and social media influencers

Yes8sg celebrates the Chinese New Year with their happy go lucky customers

Singapore: January 2020, the No.1 online casino of Singapore is having a surprise for their faithful customers to bring smiles on their face. Yes8sg is a trustful, legal, and reliable casino of Singapore that is popular all across the Singaporeans. They are celebrating the New Year with their loyal and faithful customers. The event is going to see some of the great happenings in the history of yes8sg that is their collaboration with KOLs included Josephy Li.

For the first time, the casino is going to make a large event on the biggest platform. Instagram will be the key platform of the Chinese New Year celebration. Also, the event will be telecast on the official website of the trusted online casino of Singapore.

All the happenings and key highlights of the celebration are as follows:

  • A grand celebration of the Chinese New Year with the customers
  • The official launching of the celebration on the Instagram and official website of yes8sg
  • Collaboration with the key opinion leaders and the popular figures of the Instagram
  • Announcement of the winners for the first time on the Instagram live
  • Spreading wishes to the non-customers of Yes8sg through Instagram

Yes8sg is an online betting casino of Singapore with hundreds of customers in and out of the country. In the past, casino has celebrated many events but the New Year Celebration will be a bit different from those. It is because this time the KOLs are also holding seats in the event. These are none other than the wenxian huang, jospehy li, tzeqian, and sabee. These four gorgeous and beautiful women are young and powerful social media influencers. They have been influencing the users of Instagram and facebook with their skills.

And their arrival in the celebration by the best online casino will mark a memorable beginning of the New Year. Casino has done event in past but none of them were so worth-waiting like this one. The presence of KOLs is the reason behind it. They are joining hands with the online gambling of casino and going to influence the customers as well as other audience of the event. Some of these KOLs are singer, artist, model, freedom influencers, and more. No doubt that their presence will fill the audience with more excitement, fun, and confidence. They will boost the players to win and get huge prizes.

It is expected that yes8sg has some huge money prize for the winners on that day which is not disclosed now. The KOLs will give further information regarding the money prize and celebration to the audience via Instagram handles. The customers can interact them live during the event happening and ask about them. They can join the wenxian huang, jospehy li, tzeqian, and sabee for staying in touch with the celebration happening.

On their Instagram profiles, they can see their details and follow them. Even ask questions about their love for casino games and experience to connect with the most trusted online casino of Singapore. From the past few years, the casino has earned huge trust among the customers through their online secure services and games. So, to connect with the KOLs

These are the official Instagram profiles of the KOLs. Chinese New Year is going to open new doors and opportunities to the casino as well as customers. Moreover, the outsiders who were not aware of the casino because they are not the legal citizen of Singapore and could not play the casino games can join the celebration. However, they have to either join the official website or follow one of the KOLs on the Instagram.

This is a right opportunity to connect with the leading faces and casino of the Singapore. The casino is also expecting to connect with more customers and serve their services to them. The event is a great program to bring more followers and customers to the casino world. Huge numbers of players are engaged in casino games and gambling. They however don’t get a right platform to experience this fun. The Chinese New Year celebration is the right chance to fulfill their wishes. Therefore, it is going to cover a wide range of audience on the global platforms. As a result, the followers and audience of the celebration will be worth seeing. With this, yes8sg is all set to spread prosperity, happiness, and love on the New Year eve.